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You and the people you love can prevent and even reverse serious illness, as well as common complaints like digestive troubleslow energypoor sleepbrain fog, and mood swings ... while maximizing your mental and physical performance and well-being.

But right now your health and our future are at serious risk, even if you’re currently healthy.

The nutrients in our food crops have plummeted in the last 100 years, leaving our bodies less able to access our genetic potential, produce energy, digest food, detoxify pollutants, avoid disease, defend against infections, and reach our full mental and even spiritual potential.

Meanwhile, agriculture is one of the top contributors to dangerous changes in ecosystems, weather patterns, and oceans, including the loss of 40% of the phytoplankton that produce 2/3 of the oxygen we breathe and which support most other sea life.

But there are exciting solutions we can all access right now, for our bodies and the Earth!

Imagine food many times more nutritious than the best food available today, and totally devoid of the toxic chemicals driving many of our symptoms and disease epidemics. 

Imagine a food system that restores balance to our planet’s life support systems, and rescues our dying oceans.

Now more than ever it’s vital to learn how your body and Nature truly work together, and how we can heal ourselves and our world.

Join us for a 9-day deep dive into cutting edge discoveries that can reverse modern agriculture’s harmful effects on our bodies, revolutionize the way our food is grown, and turn things around for our beautiful home planet.

Learn From These Visionary Speakers

Day 1: A New Paradigm of Health

Zach Bush, MD

Heal Your Gut and Mitochondria with Ancient Soil

​Dave Asprey​

​Food, Kryptonite, Performance, and the Survival of Humanity​

​David Wolfe​​

​Forest Superfoods That Heal Your Body and the Planet​​

​Alexis Baden-Myer​​​

​Regenerative Agriculture to Reverse Climate Change

​Elaine Ingham, PhD​​​

​Unlimited Mineral Nutrition and the Climate Change Solution

Day 2: Our Oceans in Peril & the Food Solution

​Reese Halter, PhD

​Shocking News About Our Oceans That We Cannot Afford to Ignore

​Walter Jehne​​

​The Real Cause of Climate Change, the True Cure, and a 9X Increase of Food’s Nutrient-Density

​John Roulac

​Why Oceans are the #1 Issue of Our Time, and Healing Our Oceans with Regenerative Agriculture

​Eric Toensmeier

​Food Solutions to Climate Change from Project Drawdown​​

​Graeme Sait​​​

​Minerals, Microbes, and Reversing Climate Change in a Golden Era for Food

Day 3: Conquering the Plague of Cancer

​Robyn O’Brien

​GMOs, Allergies, Cancer, Our Children, and the Great Threat to Our Economy

​Veronique Desaulniers​​​

​Cancer Myths, Nutritional Deficiencies, and 7 Steps to Conquer Cancer

​Manuela Boyle, PhD, NMD​​

​Minerals, Metals, and Different Diets for Different Cancers

​Linda Isaacs, MD

​Pancreatic Enzymes as Cancer Surveillance & Metabolic Individuality for Anti-Cancer Diets

​Cherie Calbom

​Extraordinary Stories of Healing with Juicing, Souping, and the Anti-Cancer Nutrients in Plants

​Ty Bollinger

​​Definition of a Carcinogen, Starving a Cancer, Emotions and Cancer Risk

Day 4: Ketogenic Eating & Lifestyle Strategies

​Joseph Mercola, DO​

​Fat for Fuel: Live Long and Healthy with Metabolic Mitochondrial Therapy​

​Mark Sisson​

​End Food Cravings & Skyrocket Your Energy: The Ketogenic Reset and Metabolic Flexibility

​Drew Manning​​

​The Emotional Journey of 6 Months to Fat and 30 Days to Fit

​Greg D. Wells, PhD

​The Ripple Effect: Lifestyle, Success, and High Performance

​Erin Elizabeth

​You Can Be Stronger, Healthier, and Happier … and Together We Are Unstoppable

Day 5: Detox & Re-Mineralize Your Body

​Alex Charfen​

​Food, Water, Toxins, Your Brain, and Your Success in Life

​Joseph Pizzorno, ND​

​The Toxin Solution: Essential Keys to Safe and Complete Detoxification​

​Wendy Myers, FDN-P, NC

​Minerals, Heavy Metals, and Advanced Detox Strategies and Technology​​

​Dan Kittredge

​Minerals, Spiritual Attainment, and a Technology to Measure the Nutrients in Your Food

​Robert Van Risseghem

​Minerals That Heal & How to Increase Food’s Mineral Content 10X

​Jeffrey M. Smith

​Newly Discovered Ways GMOs Can Harm You

Day 6: Finding the Right Diet for Your Body & the Earth

​Caldwell Esselstyn, MD​

​Reversing Heart Disease with a Plant-Based Diet​

​Michelle Norris​

​Calling All Real Food Movements to Come Together for the Earth​

​Nora Gedgaudas, CNS, CNT

​Slow Aging, Super Power Your Brain, and Save Your Life: Your Primal Fat-Burning Blueprint

​Diana Rodgers, RD, LDN​​​​​

​Kale vs. Cow: The Case for Healthy, Sustainable, and Ethical Meat

​Sarah Wu​​​

​Planetary Herbalism and Finding Your Perfect Diet

Day 7: Regenerative Food Systems

​Victoriah Keziah​

​Biomimicry, Healing the World’s Grasslands, and Reversing Climate Change with Holistic Management

​Allen Williams, PhD​

​Cows from CAFOs vs. Cows That Reverse Climate Change​

​Colin Seis​​

​Regenerating Grasslands with Livestock, Grains, and Cover Crops

​Peter Byck

​Cow Curious, The Hunt for Carbon Cowboys, and a Possible Redemption of McDonalds

​Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin

​Transforming Agriculture and Food’s Nutrient Density with “Tree Range” Chicken

Day 8: Earn a Living Healing the Earth

​Elizabeth Kaiser​

​6X Veggie Harvests, 4X Soil Organic Matter, and $105,000 per Acre with No-Till Farming

​Erik Ohlsen​

7-Figure Regenerative Edible Landscaping Business

​Marjory Wildcraft

​Grow Your Own Food, Make Your Own Medicine

​John Kohler​​​

​Grow and Eat “Beyond Organic” Raw Plant Foods

​Stephen Brooks

​A Passion for Plants: The Perennial Diet

Day 9: The First of 10 Bonus Interviews from the Upgrade Package

Zach Bush, MD

How to Eat More Plants, Microbiome Balance, and Transmutation of Elements

These interviews contain life-changing nuggets of nutritional wisdom, inspiring stories of healing, and stunning connections between our bodies and healthy, living soil.

This powerful series will take you on a journey to the deepest roots of human health and the foundation of our lives on planet Earth.

Your energy, performance, potential, and joy in life can rise to new levels when the ground beneath your feet fully supports you.

Some of the speakers in this event will introduce you to things you're not likely to hear anywhere else.

Thank you for joining us and for helping us share this message and this information so that we can all thrive on a thriving planet.

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What You'll Learn In This Free 9-Day Series

Cutting-Edge Information to Help Resolve Common Health Symptoms. Digestive troubles, low energy, brain fog, poor sleep, mood swings, food cravings, stubborn weight gain, and more can become a thing of the past. Your energy, performance, and well-being are in for an upgrade.

The Deeper Truth About Pesticides & GMOs Almost Nobody Is Talking About. This is a bigger disaster for your health than anybody realized just a few years ago. The implications for your entire future are staggering, and it's essential that you learn how to protect yourself.

Why Doctors are Now Calling Nutrient-Depleted, Toxic Food the Main Cause of Deadly Diseases That Affect 1 in 2 of Us. Doctors now find that many patients don't heal on the best foods available. It's vital to understand why, and how to position yourself for a long, healthy life.

Breakthrough Methods to Scientifically Detox Your Body. Now more than ever each one of us must get serious about detoxifying. It's becoming a matter of life or death. And there are specific keys you must understand in order to detoxify safely and effectively.

How to Multiply the Nutritional and Healing Power of Food by 10x. Recent discoveries by little-known food and farming innovators reveal that food, grown and consumed in certain ways (you can do this yourself) can literally annihilate disease.

How to Prevent and Conquer Cancer and Why There is No One-Size-Fits-All Diet for Cancer. This information can help you avoid the unthinkable or feeling powerless in the face of it. And if you want to protect the people you care about be sure to share this with them.

Hidden Links Between Skyrocketing Disease Rates, Dying Oceans, and How Food is Grown. To state it bluntly, our food system will either save us or destroy us and most life on Earth. Through food we have the power to change everything.

Exciting New Forms of Agriculture That Unlock the Secrets of a 500-Year-Old Miracle of Nature. "Regenerative agriculture" produces more food with higher nutrient levels, without toxic pesticides, fertilizers, or GMOs. New career and business opportunities are emerging as a result.

Why Vegans and Paleo Eaters Must Unite Despite Different Beliefs. Learn why some diets work for some people but not others so that you can find your perfect diet, and so that we can appreciate the need for dietary diversity and join forces to ensure a healthy, safe planet.

How to Have the Biggest Possible Impact for Your Health and the Earth. You can have more power than you realize to influence your destiny and the destiny of all people who will ever live. We can do this!

“I’m going to learn a lot watching this. This is going to be incredible.”

~ David Wolfe, Iconic Health Educator, Best-Selling Author, Organic Farmer.

“You asked me some of the best questions of anybody who has interviewed me, and I’ve probably done 100 interviews in the last year with the launch of my book. And I thought that your questions were just really, really thoughtful. So I like the quality of thinking.”

~ Joseph Pizzorno, ND. Founder of Bastyr University, author of The Toxin Solution

“You have come up with the most impressive list of questions so thank you. I’ve been doing podcasts with people for almost three years, and nobody has come up with that well thought-out of an outline, so you’re brilliant obviously and also have really taken your time to put together a great program. So I’m excited for this.”

~ Zach Bush, MD. Triple Board-Certified Physician, Medical Researcher, CEO of ​IONBiome (formerly Restore4Life)

“Wow, you are very well-informed ... given your really intense depth of knowledge on the subject ... I am so honored to be part of this. Goodness, you're definitely the right person to do this.”

~ Alexis Baden-Myer, Esq. Political Director for Organic Consumers Association

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