Day 5
Detox and Re-Mineralize Your Body

Alex Charfen​
Food, Water, Toxins, Your Brain, and Your Success in Life
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Joseph Pizzorno, ND​
The Toxin Solution: Essential Keys to Safe and Complete Detoxification​
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Wendy Myers, FDN-P, NC​​
Minerals, Heavy Metals, and Advanced Detox Strategies and Technology
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Dan Kittredge
Minerals, Spiritual Attainment, and a Technology to Measure the Nutrients in Your Food & Power the Grassroots Movement for a Regenerative Food System
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Robert Van Risseghem
Minerals That Heal & How to Increase Food’s Mineral Content 10X
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Jeffrey M. Smith
Newly Discovered Ways GMOs Can Harm You, and How to Communicate About GMOs (and How NOT to) … If You Want to Have Influence
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