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Day 7
Regenerative Food Systems - Should Animals Play a Role?

Victoriah Keziah​
Biomimicry, Healing the World’s Grasslands, and Reversing Climate Change with Holistic Management​
Speaker Website​

Allen Williams, PhD​
Cows from CAFOs vs. Cows That Reverse Climate Change​
Speaker Website​

Colin Seis​​
Did We Get Agriculture Wrong 10,000 Years Ago? Regenerating Grasslands with Livestock, Grains, and Cover Crops
Speaker Website​

Peter Byck
Cow Curious, The Hunt for Carbon Cowboys, and the Possible Redemption of McDonalds
Speaker Website​

Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin
Transforming Agriculture and Food’s Nutrient Density with “Tree Range” Chicken
Speaker Website​

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