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42 Secrets From The Eat4Earth Interviews
In One Beautiful And Portable Package

This book is a potent assemblage of essential highlights and key takeaways from the interviews, plus additional information and resources not found in the interviews themselves. It's like a Cliff Notes for the event to help you retain many of the key lessons revealed by the experts in the series.

​This book in no way replaces the interviews, but it contains many of the most exciting, mind-blowing, life-changing, and planet-healing secrets ​from the interviews. It is the perfect complement to the interviews themselves.

I’m offering the book for free during its launch, and this is offer is only available on this page. I'd like to get it into as many hands as possible and hope you’ll take advantage of this offer!

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Here Are A Few Of The Secrets...
 You'll Discover for FREE Inside Of This New Book!

From Day 1: A New Paradigm of Health

  • From Secret #1: ​How a "microbial communication network" ​originating in soil co-regulates your body ​all the way down to ​your genes​ and ​can help protect your body from glyphosate​. ​(with Zach Bush, MD)
  • From Secret #2: ​Five ​substances in food, including natural foods, that interfere with​ ​your energy production, including ​a type of food that is worse than smoking, plus a food-based strategy for keeping your mitochondria strong. ​(with Dave Asprey)
  • From Secret #3: ​Three unusual methods for making your plants and soil stronger and healthier. (with David Wolfe)
  • From Secret #4: ​​​The ​astonishing truth about crop yields from GMOs and regenerative agriculture​​(with​​ Alexis Baden-Myer)
  • From Secret #5: ​​​​How to obtain unlimited nutrition for plants and​ food from any soil on Earth. (with Elaine Ingham, PhD)

From Day 2: Our Oceans in Peril & the Food Solution

  • From Secret #6: ​​Why you should probably be more concerned about something disastrous occurring in our oceans than what we normally think of as "climate change". ​(with Reese Halter, PhD)​​​
  • From Secret #7: ​​The all-important relationship between global soils, our oceans, and ​how to avoid a mass extinction looming in our near future.​ ​(with John Roulac)
  • From Secret #8: ​The fresh and empowering ​new look at climate change that ​shows why climate change skeptics and climate change activists may both be right, while providing a true solution that supports the Earth, economies, and people. (with Walter Jehne)
  • From Secret #9: ​​Three food-based "drawdown" solutions that could solve climate change at a profit, and ​how plant-based​ and animal-​inclusive ​​​​​​​diets rank as climate change solutions. ​(with Eric Toensmeier)
  • From Secret #10: ​​​​An unusual formula for making better Earth-healing compost with half the time and effort. ​(with Graeme Sait)

From Day 3: Conquering the Plague of Cancer

  • From ​Secret #11: ​​​​How our food system and the cancer epidemic endanger our economy. (with Robyn O'Brien)
  • From Secret #12: ​​​The essential seven steps to conquering breast cancer, the"hormone" myth ​of breast cancer, the role of xenoendocrine toxins, and ​three key anti-cancer foods. (with Veronique Desaulniers)
  • From Secret #13: Dr. Manuela Boyle​'s three-part analysis of a cancer patient's situation, and four different anti-cancer therapeutic diets for four different types of cancer​​. ​(with Manuela Boyle, PhD, NMD)​​
  • From Secret #14: ​​The role of metabolic individuality, pancreatic enzymes, and coffee enemas in natural cancer therapy. ​​(with Linda Isaacs, MD)
  • From Secret #15: ​​​​​​Juicing, blending, and souping your way to health with three key phytonutrients and eight core vegetables and spices. (with Cherie Calbom)
  • From Secret #16: ​​​​The US Federal government document and the US Superior Court case that ​​identified actual "conspiracies" against natural health treatments. ​(with Ty Bollinger)

From Day 4: Ketogenic Eating & Lifestyle Strategies

  • From Secret #17: ​​​​​Dr. Joseph Mercola's formula for going "keto" ​for "mitochondrial metabolic therapy" and ​how often to come off of keto to keep it working. (with Joseph Mercola, DO)
  • From Secret #18: ​​​​The lifestyle factor that will thwart your efforts to get into ketosis, why "metabolic flexibility" is the true goal, and Mark Sisson's s​ystem for easing into a ketogenic metabolism without suffering.​ ​(with Mark Sisson)
  • From Secret #19: ​​Which is more important to body composition ... nutrition or exercise? ​(with Drew Manning)
  • From Secret #20: ​​Pivotal interactions between sleep, food, and ​appetite. ​(with Greg D. Wells, PhD)
  • From Secret #21: ​​​​​How to get mitochondria-damaging poisons like glyphosate / RoundUp and 2,4D out of your neighborhood. ​(with Erin Elizabeth)

From Day 5: Detox & Re-Mineralize Your Body

  • From Secret #22: ​​​​​Three simple biohacks to uplevel your health and prepare your body for detoxification. (with Alex Charfen)
  • From Secret #23: ​​​​How ​toxins cause diabetes, osteoporosis, and diabetes; why some people detoxify more easily than others; how the three stages of detoxification work; and how your microbiome affects the third phase of detoxification.​ (with Joseph Pizzorno, ND)
  • From Secret #24: ​​The hidden cause of fatigue, ​two important binders for removing toxins from your body, and why pregnant women should not avoid eating fish(with Wendy Myers, FDN-P, NC)
  • From Secret #25: ​​Three ways to measure the nutritional content of your food, a​nd the common vegetable that has been shown to have a 200-fold difference in polyphenol content from different farms. ​(with Dan Kittredge)
  • From Secret #26: ​​​The special trick that enables Robert Van Risseghem to grow vegetables that are so nutrient-rich that one radish supplies 170% of the RDA for chromium.​ ​(with Robert Van Risseghem)
  • From Secret #27: ​​​A​n insidious threat to the nutritional content of our food that continues to worsen the 85% drop in our food's mineral content. (with Jeffrey M. Smith)

From Day 6: Finding the Right Diet for Your Body & the Earth

  • From Secret #28: ​Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn's declicious formula for stopping or reversing heart disease(with Caldwell Esselstyn, MD)
  • From Secret #29: ​​​​​The crucial common ground between vegans and paleos. ​(with Michelle Norris)
  • From Secret #30: ​​Fascinating fossil evidence of our ancestors' diets, how to incorporate modern longevity research into your diet, and the reason some people must get certain fats from animal foods. (with Nora Gedgaudas)​
  • From Secret #31: ​​​Beef vs tofu: a​ comparison of the planetary impacts of animal and plant proteins. ​(with Diana Rodgers, RD, LDN)
  • From ​Secret #32: ​​​​How to ​formulate your ideal diet, beginning with an appreciation of "evolutionary bioindividuality". ​(with Sarah Wu)

From Day 7: Regenerative Food Systems

  • From Secret #33: ​​How the microbial "interface function"' between grasslands with grazing animals built the richest soils on Earth and ​recreate them if we manage livestock correctly. (with Victoria Keziah)
  • From Secret #34: How to grow soil at warp speed and mitigate the "methane issue" ​associated with cattle. ​(with Allen Williams, PhD)
  • From Secret #35: ​​The "pasture cropping" system that generates four streams of revenue every year from the same area of land and could help save civilization. (with Colin Seis)
  • From Secret #36: ​​​​​Why "adaptive multi-paddock" grazing could help save the bees and other ​​disappearing insect species, and the ​terrestrial ecosystems that depend on them. (with Petery Byck)
  • From Secret #37: ​​​​​​How "tree-range" chicken can out-produce conventional poultry production 8 to 1(with Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin)

From Day 8: Grow Great Food and Earn a Living Healing the Earth

  • From Secret #38: ​​Elizabeth Kaiser's 4-step system for quadrupling her soil's organic matter and generating revenue of $105,000 per acre per year. ​(with Elizabeth Kaiser)
  • From Secret #39: Five steps to create a 7-figure eco-design business​. ​(with Erik Ohlsen)
  • From Secret #40: ​​​Two pitfalls to avoid and two helpful mindsets when starting to grow your own food and medicine. (with Marjory Wildcraft)
  • From Secret #41: ​John Kohler's favorite six unusual leafy green​​​​​ vegetables​ and the easiest vegetable-growing business t​o start. ​(with John Kohler)
  • From Secret #42: ​​​​​​How a "perennial" diet can reduce the ecological footprint of your food. ​(with Stephen Brooks)


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“You asked me some of the best questions of anybody who has interviewed me, and I’ve probably done 100 interviews in the last year with the launch of my book. And I thought that your questions were just really, really thoughtful. So I like the quality of thinking.”

~ Joseph Pizzorno, ND. Founder of Bastyr University, author of The Toxin Solution

“You have come up with the most impressive list of questions so thank you. I’ve been doing podcasts with people for almost three years, and nobody has come up with that well thought-out of an outline, so you’re brilliant obviously and also have really taken your time to put together a great program. So I’m excited for this.”

~ Zach Bush, MD. Triple Board-Certified Physician, Medical Researcher, CEO of Restore4Life

“Wow, you are very well-informed ... given your really intense depth of knowledge on the subject ... I am so honored to be part of this. Goodness, you're definitely the right person to do this.”

~ Alexis Baden-Myer, Esq. Political Director for Organic Consumers Association

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  • ​​I wanted to create a super-affordable, "no-brainer" opportunity for you to ​have permanent access to many of the secrets from these interviews.
  • ​This book is one more way to get some of this vital information out into the world in a convenient, portable, shareable package.
  • A lot of people love books! And audiobooks!​ (You'll also have the opportunity to get an audiobook version on the order form.)

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